Wheat was one of the domesticated cereals, it was cultivated at the very beginning of the Neolithic revolution. It can be said with certainty that ancient people could use wild wheat for food. Cultural wheat comes from the Middle East region, known as the fertile crescent.

Wheat genus is one-and two-year grasses of the family of cereals, one of the most important cereal crops. The flour obtained from grains goes for baking white bread and the production of other food products; the waste of flour-making production serves as feed for livestock and poultry, and lately they are increasingly used as raw materials for industry. Wheat is the leading grain crop in many countries of the world. Wheat grains are the most important agricultural object of international trade: almost 60% of all grain exports. There are thousands of varieties of wheat, but the main types are only two - hard and soft.

Three types of wheat have significant economic importance: summer wheat, soft wheat, or ordinary wheat (baking wheat), hard wheat (used for the production of pasta, since it is rich in gluten), dwarf wheat (mainly for friable baking).

We offer wheat: 3, 4, 5 class.

The basis for the sale are EXW, CPT, DAF, FOB.

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