Transportation of petroleum products

Our specialization is the transportation of dangerous goods

Transport dangerous goods can only afford that transport company that has sufficient experience for this. And, of course, you need to have your own transport, which must always be in proper condition, so that at any time it can be used to deliver a dangerous cargo.

In order to transport dangerous goods our company has:
- Permit for the right to deliver dangerous goods by road;
- A reliable rolling stock, each car is allowed to carry dangerous goods of all classes;
- Specially trained personnel - each our driver has ADR certificates (road transport of dangerous goods).

Required documents for the transport of dangerous goods

When carrying dangerous goods, the following documents must be present:
 1. Certificate of the driver's permission to transport dangerous goods;
 2. Certificate of admission of a vehicle for the transport of dangerous goods;
 3. A checklist marked "dangerous goods".

All vehicles during the transport of dangerous goods must be marked with special plates at the front and rear in accordance with the goods carried.

ADR provides for 9 classes of dangerous goods, which are deciphered in the classification of dangerous goods.

The company "AGROMARKET" LLC guarantees the observance of all rules of transportation of dangerous goods.

Order transportation of dangerous goods

If you need to transport a cargo that belongs to the class of dangerous, then you can contact us, we will help to transport dangerous goods to anywhere in the Stavropol Krai.
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