Transportation of fertilizers

Our company provides you with services such as transportation of fertilizers.

In this industry we have a considerable number of rolling stock of standard road transport.

The use of mineral substances is of great importance for the development of agriculture and the increase in the volume of its production. We offer delivery to collective and state farms by road. The most rational is the movement of such goods in big bags, since this excludes the loss of the object during loading, unloading and ensures the preservation of its qualities.

Transportation of fertilizers is a complex technological process, requiring professional knowledge of route organizers and special skills of drivers. Fertilizers contain substances harmful to the body, therefore it is necessary to ensure that there is no risk to the life of people who are engaged in their loading and transportation.

Transportation of fertilizers should take place without losses on the route, as this can cause damage to the environment.

We transport fertilizers only on cars in big bags, excluding those, harmful effects of moisture and the possibility of spillage. We take into account all the safety requirements: we do not allow the combination of different types of cargo in one car, we ensure the absence of unauthorized persons on loading and transportation.

Saltpeter and fertilizers based on it are fire hazardous, therefore, we pay much attention to the professional training of drivers. Our drivers have experience driving cars, observe a low speed, do not allow the swinging of the body.

We invite to the partnership agricultural enterprises that need the delivery of mineral fertilizers, guarantee high quality of services, full documentary support, security and favorable terms of cooperation.
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