Grade "LAKOMKA" is a new large-bodied variety of sunflower, listed among the varieties recommended for production in the southern steppe of the Russian Federation in 2000.

Unlike other varieties of confectionery, it has a high level of resistance to downy mildew, a complex of races of broomrape and sunflower moth.

Variety of sunflower Gourmand is derived from SPK grade by the method of multiple individual selection with the subsequent directed over-dusting of the best biotypes for resistance to broomrape.

Very good honey plant. One of the most high-yielding varieties (up to 3.5 tons / ha of oil seeds). Due to the unification of flowering and maturation and equalization of plant height - the best among all varieties of Krasnodar breeding. From other grades and hybrids of sunflower LAKOMKA is distinguished by large, well-executed seeds (the mass of 1000 seeds is 120-130 g with a plant stand of 25-30 thousand per 1 hectare).

The grade is adapted for non-herbicide technologies of cultivation and use in the confectionery industry as a substitute for nut raw materials. The grade is intended for all areas of sunflower cultivation.

SGC (Sunflower Grade Confectionery)

Large-fruited mid-ripened sunflower grade intended for the confectionery industry. A grade of common origin, not resistant to disease and broomrape. Matures for 84-88 days. Oil of absolutely dry achenes is 46-48%. The protein content is 2-3% higher than in the more highly oiled grades, the increased number of tocopherols (vitamin E) in the seeds. The yield is not inferior to the best sunflower varieties and hybrids. The potential yield is 32-34 c / ha.

A distinctive feature of SGC is large, well-executed seeds, with a density of 25-30 thousand plants per hectare, having a weight of 1000 acanthus to 150 g. The seedlings of this grade are well falling, and when heated, the seed coat (husk) is cracked. When collapsing, the outcome of the conditioning core exceeds 70%. It is the best honeycomb among all known grades and hybrids of sunflower. Calibrated and purified seeds of this variety are in high demand on the market.


An annual, herbaceous plant up to 2.5 m high with regular leaves and a large apical golden-yellow flower basket, up to 25 cm in diameter; Lateral baskets are smaller. Leaves with long petiole, plate heart-shaped with a pointed tip, 15-25 cm long with a large edge, rough to the touch from stiff hairs. Baskets consist of marginal reed barren (albeit with pestles) flowers and internal tubular fruiting. Fruit is a monospermous seed (incorrectly called a seed). The origin place of sunflower is North America. It is cultivated in Russia as one of the leading oilseeds. The main cultivation areas are the Voronezh Region, the North Caucasus, the Volga Region, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

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