Social life of enterprise

The social responsibility of the enterprise is the basis of modern business.

here are elements of socially responsible behavior among Russian companies, and this implies certain obligations to the personnel of the enterprise, to the city, and eventually to the country. Our company is capable of building a business not only for the sake of making profit, but also to take on a part of the collective responsibility for the surrounding reality. Other things being equal, businesses that do not avoid social responsibility deserve more trust from consumers and partners. Including financial. Everyone wins from this!

Such enterprises include LLC "AGROMARKET".

LLC "AGROMARKET" is aware of social responsibility in its production activities, takes an active part in the social life of the city, the district and the Stavropol Krai in general. In its sponsorship and charitable activities, the company is focused on supporting such areas of public life as culture, sports, revival, preservation of artistic values, monuments.

LLC "AGROMARKET" in the person of the executive Mataev Marik Gilodovich renders all possible support to the young, promising athlete David Bidjanian - European champion in weightlifting 2012, world record holder in the push, the owner of the Cup of Russia. Thus, Marik Gilodovich contributes to the promotion of youth sports, considering it very important to develop the sport. David Bedjanian is a good example for young people, a reference point for the younger generation. Ahead is the championship of Russia. Of course, I would like to see our fellow countryman even in the main list of the Olympic team in London, especially since the motto of the forthcoming Olympics is "Inspiring the Generation."

It is not so difficult to do good, as it seems. Children are the main thing in any society and at all times. The company "AGROMARKET" takes care of the children of employees of the enterprise, organizes children's festivals. The beginning of the summer is marked by the brightest and most beautiful holiday in the world - the Day of Children’s Protection. Marik Gilodovich, continuing the good tradition of the enterprise, gave the children a wonderful holiday. Children are little wizards. Such wonderful, so small and wonderful, so innocent and sincere, most understanding and kind. Children are the most valuable thing that we have.

Many different festive events take place for children of employees directly with the participation of parents. You can often hear about preserving the institution of the family in the society, whereas Agromarket does not just in words, but in practice keeps implementing a social policy aimed at strengthening family values. The company "AGROMARKET" is famous in the region as an enterprise of high production culture.

At the event called "Glory to Labor", dedicated to summarizing the socio-economic development of the Izobilnensky Municipal District in 2011, "Agromarket" won the "Best Enterprise of the 2011 Izobilnensky District" award.

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