Sale of agricultural products in the domestic market

Development of a unified strategy for the development of the grain industry in Russia is one of the most important components of a stable state of society, ensuring the country's food security.

The domestic market for agricultural products is also a priority for our company. "AGROMARKET" is an invariable reliable supplier of grain for processing enterprises of the Russian Federation. These include feed mills, poultry farms, pig farms, flour mills, grain processing enterprises, focused on the production of top quality cereals of, oil extraction plants. The company organizes a systematic study and analysis of the needs and wishes of customers. Realizing the current and future needs of customers, we offer the best solutions and the best way to do the work, creating benefits that help the growth and development of the client's business in accordance with his unique needs. They are open for communication, development, implementation of our clients' offers.

We value our customers; therefore, we will give you maximum attention and show maximum flexibility and efficiency in resolving issues.

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