Peas are annual grasses with weak climbing stems. Leaves pinnate and end with branchy mustaches, with which they cling to other plants. The seeds of it (pea) are spherical or slightly compressed, the flowers are almost always white, although they are also pink. His varieties are extremely numerous.

Peas are cold-resistant enough to tolerate frosts. In addition, he has a relatively short growing season - from sowing to ripening of seeds, different varieties fit within a period of 65 to 140 days. Care for peas consists in watering, especially during the germination of seeds and the emergence of seedlings, weeding weeds, loosening and feeding, pest control.

The main part of the crops is the so-called cracked varieties. They are mowed to obtain seeds, and the seeds are used as cooked food, in the form of soup and porridge. A part of the seeds is ground into flour, it is added to wheat flour for baking bread. Peas are also widely used in medicine. It is a valuable dietary product containing a high percentage of protein, potassium salts, manganese.

Basis for the supply is CPT (cargo under customs surveiilance, port of Novorossiysk).

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