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Motor Vehicle Enterprise

Transportation is not just one of the branches of the economy of the country and our region, but also one of the most essential conditions for the successful functioning of the entire economy, which causes a direct influence on the formation of territorial proportions with regard to the development of production of the entire country and regions in particular.

The transport complex consists of a large number interrelated divisions and represents a special transport branch of production, which has the commonality of the laws of development, the homogeneity of production processes and the designation of products.

A huge niche in the production process of the company "AGROMARKET" is transport logistics. This is the planning, control and management of the transport of goods to the manufacturing enterprise, to the consumer in accordance with its interests and requirements.

Our company owns two trucking enterprises, the fleet has more than 120 vehicles, and continues to replenish, which enables us to promptly carry out transportation of agricultural products.

Release of vehicles s on the line is carried out after a daily technical inspection of the vehicle . If minor maintenance of the vehicle is necessary, it is performed immediately on the spot before the departure. Inquiries from customers are accepted by phone, fax and e-mail.

We offer KAMAZ (agricultural) for the transportation of any kind of grain. Having submitted an application for motor transport in LLC "AGROMARKET" in advance, you can use the services of our vehicles in the amount you need.

A fleet of vehicle s with a carrying capacity of 25 tons and 50 tons is at the disposal of our customers, which can help us solve your problem of cargo transportation in Russia as soon as possible.

Working priorities of the company LLC "AGROMARKET" are - efficiency, accuracy, responsibility. In order to survive in the conditions of fierce competition in the struggle for loyal customers, it is necessary to provide services at the highest quality and modern level. This task can only be fulfilled by a strong, professional team.

Motor Vehicle Enterprise, Izobilny, Str Krasnoi Armii, 106,

- the working team consists of 80 people

- joining the company: July 2012

- a fleet of more than 80 units of agricultural machinery

Carrying capacity ranging from 25 to 50 tons

-there is a medical center, control room, locksmith's room, workshops, a motor shop, a warehouse for auto parts on the territory.

Motor Vehicle Enterprise in Ipatovo

- the working team consists of 70 people

- joining the company: May 2012

- a fleet of vehicles has more than 40 units of agricultural machinery with carrying capacity from 25 to 50 tons

-there is a medical center, control room, locksmith's room, workshops, a motor shop, a warehouse for auto parts on the territory.

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