Mission and values

Mission of the company - we contribute to the prosperity of Russia through creating a cost-effective enterprise.



-Systematic study and analysis of the needs and wishes of customers is organized. Understanding the current and future needs of customers, we offer the best solutions or the best way to do the job, creating benefits that promote the development and growth of the client's business in accordance with his unique needs. Anticipating customer satisfaction is our priority and the basis for winning positions on the market.

- Open for communication, development, implementation of our clients' offers.

- Traditional quality of goods and services is an image of the company.


- We establish trust, long-term relations of cooperation and partnership. We value our partners and do our best for effective cooperation.

- Decency, reliability, professionalism is the basis of trust between business partners.

- "AGROMARKET" is an open company, we were always interested in respectable dialogue with customers, partners, representatives of the media, constructive interaction with state authorities, and we will retain this strategy of behavior in future.


- We are moving forward due to strong competition. We learn strong qualities from competitors, gain positive experience and, creatively rethinking it, we keep moving forward.

- Competitive struggle is conducted only in honest and civilized ways.


-We realize that people are the most valuable assets of the company and create an atmosphere in which every employee understands how his daily activities contribute to the achievement of overall success.

-The corporate spirit, healthy moral climate in the company is something that is extremely important for us. For each employee of the company there are wide opportunities for self-disclosure and professional development.

- Every employee of our company understands that only the achievement of the company's goal gives an opportunity to achieve personal goals.


- We never stand still, we develop our business.

- We improve the existing business processes at the enterprise, introduce advanced technological processes, information technologies.

- Continuous development and self-improvement - the most important priority ensuring the company long-term success on the market.

- We focus on the world experience of leading companies. Moderate advancing is our goal.

Corporate Social Responsibility

- The social responsibility of the enterprise is the basis of modern business.

- The concept of "corporate social responsibility" implies the voluntary contribution of the company to the development of the state and societies, its active operation in the economic, social and environmental areas.

- We create qualitative stable jobs for the residents of our district. Promote the social and spiritual development of the Stavropol Krai.

- "AGROMARKET" realizes social responsibility not only in its production activity, but also takes an active part in the social life of the city, district and the Stavropol Krai in general. It is natural for us to actively participate in solving social problems of the region.

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