Export deliveries of agricultural products

Our company takes a stable position on the grain market, it is among the reliable and actively developing firms exporting agricultural products.


The company "AGROMARKET" has asignificant experience in the export of grain, legumes and oilseeds on the terms of delivery:

- FOB (free on board) ports of Russia;

- CPT ports of Russia;

- DAF.

LLC "AGROMARKET" forms significant wholesale consignments for export deliveries to the countries around the world. Among the main crops: wheat, barley, corn, peas, mustard, millet. The annual volume of grain, leguminous and oilseed products sold by the company reaches 350 000 tons and grows every year.

The company "AGROMARKET" seriously approaches the issue of the development of integrated logistics. A systematic approach to the organization of the entire life cycle of the goods and related activities from the moment of production to the point of consumption is implemented. An effective system of managing material, information and financial flows has been launched. Optimization of the processes of acceptance, processing, storage and shipment of grain at the elevator allowed our company to obtain high results. The process of organization of grain delivery is systematized.

The development of the grain market is an urgent task of the domestic agricultural sector. The growth of grain production in Russia allows us to provide not only domestic needs, but also expand exports. After a short break, Russia returned to the number of the largest grain exporters in the world. Now only the USA and Canada deliver more than us to the global market. Every year the tendency on procurement, storage and transshipment of millions of tons of grain is growing all over the globe. Nowadays manufacturers, processors, trading and logistics companies of Russia should jointly develop the market to build a viable domestic branch and consolidate the success of recent years in the international space for a long-term period.

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