Elevator services

On mutually beneficial terms, we perform acceptance, laboratory analysis, cleaning, drying, accumulation and storage, bringing to the basic condition of cereals and oilseeds on new high-tech equipment.

Modern drying technology, equipment of modular type produced in the USA.

Quality control and storage of grain at the elevator is ensured by a grain laboratory equipped with the newest highly efficient equipment. The certified laboratory conducts an analysis of the grain received for storage as soon as possible with the issuance of relevant documents. The analysis of the received grain is made at all stages of its processing and shipment.

The capacity of a one-time storage is 250 thousand tons.

The enterprise works with road and rail transport and is equipped with a weight economy.

The long-term experience of our personnel and the latest technology make it possible to guarantee the preservation of the quality characteristics of our customers' products.

Currently, the elevator continues to increase its capacity, increasing the amount of grain intake, involving more and more producers and consumers of grain products.

We invite grain traders to use the service of grain transshipment.
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