The Russian name "kukuruza" comes from the Spanish word “cucurucho”. The origin place of corn is Mexico, where it symbolizes life strength. And for the ancient Maya people, corn or maize was an object of mystical love.

Corn is a culture of high productivity and versatile use. The corn grains contain 9-12% of protein, 4-6% of fat (up to 40% in the embryo), 65-70% of carbohydrates, in yellow-varieties - a lot of provitamin A. Corn is used in food (flour, cereals, corn flakes, air corn, etc.), starch-fiber, brewing, alcohol and canning industry. Great importance of corn is considered as a forage crop. Grain is a valuable concentrated feed and raw material for the feed industry, and green mass and silage from stems, leaves and cobs in milk-wax ripeness are highly nutritious. Paper, linoleum, viscose, insulating materials, artificial cork, film, etc are produced from corn stalks, corncobs and wrappers. Corn oil - food (rich in vitamin E). Stigmas of corn contain sistosterol, stigmasterol, fatty oils, essential oil, saponins, bitter glycoside substance, vitamins C, K, gum-like and other substances. It is applied as a decoction and infusion as a choleretic and diuretic for cholecystitis, cholangitis, hepatitis, etc., and also as a hemostatic.

The delivery basis is EXW, CPT, FOB, DAF.

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