The Chinese arrived in the Stavropol region looking for wheat suppliers

 A delegation from the province of Guangdong of the Chinese Republic came to Stavropol Krai. A meeting was organized at the Ministry of Agriculture of the Krai, where the guests announced the purpose of their visit - food.

Self-sufficiency of this territory is only 10% due to unsuitable climatic conditions and a sufficient amount of land, the remaining 90% is imported. In the Stavropol Territory, where exports are 3 times higher than imports, virtually everything that is now interested in Chinese partners is growing. The main interest, as it turned out, is wheat. Our region exports wheat to the countries of North Africa - Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia. Therefore, the desire of the Chinese to establish business contacts in a friendly, in their opinion, Stavropol Territory is quite understandable.

     The meeting was attended by heads of agricultural enterprises of the region. To visit the Chinese delegation was more meaningful, the First Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Stavropol Territory AA. Kutsenko, invited guests to visit our company LLC "AGROMARKET" in Izobilnensky district, it was here that they saw what the Stavropol wheat was like.
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