Children Protection Day

                  "AGROMARKET" pleased, children's holiday was given!

The beginning of summer was marked by the most beautiful and bright holiday in the world - the Children's Day! Exactly at one o'clock in the afternoon in the central park a large group of adults and children gathered. The children wore a red ribbon on their wrists, which became an identification mark for the children whose parents work in OOO AGROMARKET. Each was given a colorful invitation card with tear-off coupons for a free visit to five attractions, slot machines, a labyrinth room and a skating rink.

The children were divided into two age groups. An older rascal was invited to participate in the popular team game team building, with an intriguing title "In search of treasure." While teenagers have overcome all sorts of obstacles in search of treasure, the kids have become participants in the no less interesting game program "The most cheerful holiday". Clowness played with kids in games, sang, danced, dragging them into the magical world of childhood. Children with genuine sincerity laughed, illuminating the hall with their smiles, so the holiday presented by "AGROMARKET" will forever remain in their hearts. Ahead of the children was another surprise, with a ridiculous title "Obzhorka", where the organizers prepared a festive treat for children. The crown of the whole holiday was a disco, where the boys in all their glory demonstrated not only their dancing abilities, but humor and jokes. In short, for all the upcoming summer holidays they were charged with positive emotions and good mood.

In society, there is often a lot of talk about preserving the institution of the family, whereas Agromarket does not just in words, but in practice is implementing a social policy aimed at strengthening family values.
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