Barley is one of the oldest cultivated plants. Like wheat, it was cultivated in the era of the Neolithic revolution in the Middle East at least 10 thousand years ago. In Russia, barley could penetrate from Asia through Siberia or the Caucasus and has long been of great importance as a food product for those areas where the cultivation of other loaves was impossible or difficult. Barley beer, perhaps, was the oldest drink of the Neolithic man. Later barley was used instead of settlements with employees.

Barley (Latin Hordeum) is a genus of the plants of the family Cereals, one of the oldest cereals cultivated by man. Common cultivation of barley is widely spread, other species are cultivated occasionally or grow in the wild nature. Barley grain is now widely used for food, technical and feed purposes, including the brewing industry, in the production of pearl barley and barley groats. Barley is one of the most valuable concentrated animal feeds since it contains a high-grade protein, rich in starch. In Russia, almost 70% of barley is used for fodder purposes.

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