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LLC "AGROMARKET" has been working on the grain market since 2004. The company occupies a stable position in the grain market; it is among the reliable and actively developing firms exporting agricultural products. We have positively proven ourselves in the domestic and international grain markets.

The company "AGROMARKET" possesses the necessary infrastructure of a high level. The company owns three elevators with a capacity of 250 000 tons. High quality of our work is achieved through the constant introduction of modern technologies in the processes of: acceptance, storage, conditioning, shipping. Quality control is carried out by a laboratory equipped with the latest high-technology equipment. The technical feasibility of elevators allows us to accept 8000 tons of grain per day, load 100 rail cars, 8 000 tons of grain into the motor vehicle per day. At present, elevators continue to raise their capacity, increasing volumes, speed of acceptance and shipment of grain.

The company "AGROMARKET" owns two trucking enterprises, the fleet has more than 120 vehicles, and continues to replenish, which allows the rapid transportation of agricultural products.

The enterprise seriously approaches the issue of the development of integrated logistics. A systematic approach to the organization of the entire life cycle of the goods and related activities from the moment of production to the point of consumption is implemented. An effective system of managing material, information and financial flows has been established. The optimization of accepting, processing, storing and shipping grain at the elevator enabled our company to obtain high results. The process of grain transportation arrangement has been systematized.

In our opinion, the use of minerals bears essential significance for the development of agriculture and the increase in the volume of its production. An important direction of our activity is the sale of mineral fertilizers including delivery to the buyer. Our own warehouse is located in the town of Izobilny with a capacity of 50 000 tons.

Presence of own storage capacities enables us to provide the agrarians of the Stavropol, Krasnodar Krai, Rostov region and the republics of the North Caucasus with fertilizers, and also creates conditions for the formation of seasonal reserves. The existing own railway tracks and asphalted roads make efficient acceptance and shipment of products possible.

We always keep in stock such goods as nitrogen, phosphorus and complex mineral fertilizers, for instance, Ammonium nitrate, Ammophos, Dammofoska, Sulfoammophos, Nitroammofoska of various brands and others.

AGROMARKET LLC supplies seed, including high-quality seeds of maize, sunflower, rapeseed, sugar beet and other agricultural crops. In the year 2015 an official distribution status was granted to the company by the leading seed producer DuPont Pioneer.

Company AGROMARKET is a distributor of world famous manufacturers of plant protection products that supply their products to the agricultural complex of Russia. The company possesses a warehouse complex in Stavropol Krai for storing seeds and plant protection products with a total area of ​​2000 m².

We help agrarians in cleaning and transporting grain, providing farms with harvesters and vehicles.

Moreover, "AGROMARKET" has a developed infrastructure for the sale of petroleum products - two oil storage facilities engaged in wholesale of oil products, providing services for their storage, transportation and transshipment. It allows agricultural producers to purchase diesel fuel, gasoline, motor oils on favorable terms and in the required volume including delivery by the seller's vehicles.

Thus, we provide our agrarians with a wide range of goods and services necessary for the development of the economy. A flexible system of discounts and preferences has been created for regular customers. Thanks to this approach, we are able to meet any, even the highest requirements of our partners.

Russian agrarians learned to cultivate excellent agricultural products a long time ago, but the situation with its sale is much more complicated. In the person of the company "AGROMARKET" you will acquire a permanent buyer of agricultural products. "AGROMARKET" interacts with a large number of large and small grain producers in the North Caucasus Federal Area. The annual volume of grain, leguminous and oilseed products purchased by the company reaches 600 000 tons and it keeps growing every year. Cooperation with us reduces numerous intermediaries, forms a fair mechanism for pricing and, most importantly, ensures a guaranteed sale of grain by concluding long-term contracts. Our company has won prestige among buyers, which are international, mainly European, companies. The final consumers of the exported goods are the countries of Africa, Europe, the Middle East (Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Austria, etc.).

At present, we have developed the Tuapse and Novorossiysk sea trades.

Only through our mutual efforts we will go forward, taking serious steps in the development of the Stavropol agricultural sector, getting closer to the world grain market. We work for the benefit of the region.

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